Simply Nourishing Families


Listen to Tammie share why she is so passionate about nourishing families.

She will share with you ways to help you make changes in your eating habits that will be nourishing to your body, your mind and your relationships!

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Simply Nourishing Families
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My life has given me so many opportunities to learn and experiment with food. I know that there are people who may have more “book smarts” than me when it comes to nutrition but my passion comes from “in the trenches” application of key principles that can dramatically improve anyone’s health. I have gained solutions and answers to so many health and digestive challenges along the way.

The skills that I have gained through hours of research and through advanced culinary training have helped me master real-life solutions that are both simple and practical in hands on cooking classes, personal coaching and delicious recipes and meal plans. All these help build confidence and excitement about eating whole real food.

I want you to fall in love with real food that tastes amazing and will give you the energy and health that you need to live your best life possible. Because if you eat well, you will live well!

If you are wanting to make changes in your lifestyle habits, especially when it comes to the food you eat I have a message to share with you.  I believe that it is time to connect again with the food that we eat from the raw ingredients, to the preparation of a meal, and the sharing of that meal  with those we love.  I feel like this is the very best recipe for lasting relationships and a nourished body.



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