TammieSliderMy name is Tammie! I’m so glad that you are here! I absolutely love sharing my passion and mission about the importance of REAL food with the world. You see, ever since I was a little girl I’ve always wanted to grow up to do two things, be a mommy and a teacher.

I love to inspire and guide my four beautiful children to create amazing levels of joy and happiness in their lives. It feeds my soul. There is something about watching a light turn on in another person when they learn something new.  Just like with my kiddos, when other people learn from what I have to share in my books, classes and programs, I love to see them grow and blossom in awe-inspiring ways.

I have developed many skills that help me to take complex things (very few things are as complex as the relationship between food and health) and make them so simple that anyone can master them.

I Didn’t Always Know What I Know Now

Of course, I didn’t always know what I know now. In fact, early in my marriage, while my husband was attending Chiropractic school, we had a rude awakening. You see, he was completely stressed-out (taking over 30 credit hours of classes per quarter and working two part-time jobs so that I could stay home with our first baby will do that to ya). He was doing pretty well for a while but eventually the stress was too much. The late nights of work and the pressure of school and a poor diet started to damage his digestion, his hormones, his brain and he became a total grump to live with.

Fortunately, we finally recognized the changes that were happening and sought the help of one of his instructors at school that specialized in functional medicine. After some extensive testing, we discovered that one of the many issues was related to some big-time food allergies to wheat and dairy. Needless to say, that testing changed our world forever! I can still remember sinking to the kitchen floor crying about the test results.

You see, I had taken great pride in my skills in the kitchen. I was a good cook – but I only knew how to make all of the stuff my mom made. I didn’t know anything about cooking gluten and dairy free. I was complete knocked off of my foundation. What was I going to do?

When the Student is Ready, the Teacher Appears

My prayers were answered when our new friend I met at church took me under her wing and opened me up to the world of food. Although it was sometimes hard, with her help and encouragement, I quickly learned to adapt my favorite recipes with new ingredients. My kitchen became my playground, a sanctuary for creation. The most important thing I realized is that there really is an abundance of amazing, nutritious and delicious food options out there.
Once liberated from the boring “sameness” of the Standard American Diet, I become a self-proclaimed “real-foodie”. Together my husband and I made some major shifts in our entire approach to eating. While he kept plugged into the latest research on the role of diet on overall health, I worked on perfecting the implementation of what he was learning.

We tried just about everything along the way; juicing, vegetarianism, food combining, anti-yeast diets, “alkalizing” diets etc. Along the way we paid careful attention to what really worked and helped us restore our own health and we learned some great principles in each “system” we experienced. There were even some myths we busted along this journey.

Food Myths

Myth #1 – There is one diet that is best for everyone. Unfortunately, there are still people out there who try to “convert” everyone they know to the eating approach that works best for them. When you think about how unique each person is, doesn’t it just make sense that there might be some variety in how we respond to food? Some people need more protein than others. Some can handle carbohydrates better than their neighbor. Some are trying to heal from leaky gut and food sensitivities. In my experience, it is impossible to create one diet plan that is perfect for everyone. That being said, there are general guidelines that almost every nutritional philosophy holds true to and those principles form my whole food philosophy. The key is to pay close attention to how your body reacts to the foods you eat. You are your own best food scientist.

Myth #2 – All allergies are permanent. With the possible exception of the genetic based allergies, especially the gluten autoimmune condition called Celiac disease, most allergies CAN be reversed. Food allergies and sensitivities are usually the result of a series of events that compromise the integrity of the lining of the gut (leaky gut) and when that gut barrier is repaired it MAY be possible to reintroduce those foods safely. It does take time and careful avoidance in the initial stages. Eventually over time, my husband was able to heal his gut and due to our diligence, he no longer suffers from food allergies and symptoms.

On the other hand, even after years of changing and modifying my diet, I started suffering with digestive issues. This caused me to question the things I had learned and studied and to search for new information that could offer a solution. I discovered that, over time some of my genetic tendencies had surfaced and I had developed some food sensitivities of my own.

Through carefully listening to my body and some amazing alternative solutions I have been able to discover how to manage and heal from these issues. I learned that I am sensitive to gluten and have been on a strict gluten free diet for over six years and within the past year have virtually eliminated all grains in my diet and I’ve never felt better.

My Mission

My life has given me so many opportunities to learn and experiment with food. I know that there are people who may have more “book smarts” than me when it comes to nutrition but my passion comes from “in the trenches” application of key principles that can dramatically improve anyone’s health. I have gained solutions and answers to so many health and digestive challenges along the way.

The skills that I have gained through hours of research and through advanced culinary training have helped me master real-life solutions that are both simple and practical in hands on cooking classes, personal mentoring and delicious recipes and meal plans. All these help build confidence and excitement about eating whole real food.

That my friend, is what I have to share with you.  I want you to fall in love with real food that tastes amazing and will give you the energy and health that you need to live your best life possible. Because if you eat well, you will live well!